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How Successful People Handle Criticism

After a witnessing a recent incident with an old colleague of mine, I decided to post this article from    How Successful People Handle Criticism  Chances are, not everyone will agree with your business methods, but it’s how you … Continue reading

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Collar Talk

Which collar should I wear? This all depends on your style , comfort and neck. There are plenty of collars to pick from, but I will show you a few that are popular today and you can’t go wrong with. … Continue reading

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Don’t “do networking”

Business Tip: Don’t “do networking” for the sake of networking. It’s not about the network, it’s about the people. Do it because you learn something from everyone you meet. You never know when you can help someone or when he … Continue reading

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4 Rules For Matching Shirt And Tie Patterns

Here is an easy guide to matching shirt and tie patterns.  1. Repeat colors in each pattern In this case, choose your shirt first, carefully noting the dominant colors. When you are ready to pick your tie, choose one with … Continue reading

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Grammy Fashion, Do’s and “Really?!!!”

The Grammy’s is the award show of all award shows when it comes to the music industry. Stars from all genre’s come out to watch performances from new and seasoned vets. I watch for the fashion do’s and as I like … Continue reading

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