GQ’s Upgrade Your Office Style

GQ always has great advice for men who are unfamiliar with style and don’t know what to wear, how to wear it, where to buy it and what should go together. In the latest issue of GQ, they show you how to upgrade your office style with suits worn by Paul Walker. I love the advice and the looks.

1. Sport a Plaid Pocket Square
Where’s it written that a pocket square has to be vanilla? Instead, try tucking a patterned handkerchief into your jacket. The whole office will take notice (in a good way).

Cotton-silk suit, $1,595; shirt, $275; and tie, $135: all by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Pocket square (pack of three), $29, by J.Press.

2. Discover Brown—the New Black
Wearing a black belt with black shoes is kind of like whispering; you’ll never speak out of turn, but you’ll never be heard, either. Now, a brown belt with brown shoes? That’s a statement—loud and proud.

Wool suit, $1,495, by Calvin Klein Collection. Shirt, $425, by Dsquared2. Tie, $135, and shoes, $670, by Salvatore Ferragamo. Belt, $295, by Prada. Tie bar by Paul Stuart. Sunglasses by Salt Optics.

3. Recharge Your Dress Shirts
A brightly colored shirt can work at the office—just make sure of a few things: Keep the collar traditional (think a semispread), put on a dark tie, and wear a simple suit. The bottom line: Let the color do all the talking.

Wool-blend suit, $895, by Boss Black. Shirt, $300, by Etro. Tie, $135, by John Varvatos.

4. Get a Handle on the Modern Briefcase
Clumsy and fogyish it ain’t. Offered by everyone from Louis Vuitton to Banana Republic, the modern briefcase—in canvas or textured leather—makes a mature alternative to the messenger bag.

Wool suit, $199, by H&38;M. Shirt, $355, and tie, $190, by Prada. Briefcase, $1,850, by Louis Vuitton. Pocket square by Paul Stuart.

5. Get Some Hardware
Consider accessories that anchor your look with some heft: solid frames, sturdy cuff links, a slim steel watch. And no, you don’t have to wear all three at the same time.

Wool suit, $2,390, by Gucci. Shirt, $198, by Paul Stuart. Tie, $235, by Louis Vuitton. Glasses, $220, by Persol. Cuff links, $730, by Cartier. Watch, $695, by Hamilton.

6. Understand the Power of Three
Maybe you’ve never considered a three-piece suit, but just check out how sharp it looks—especially without the jacket. If you’re sweating your wallet, don’t: A three-piece suit often costs no more than a traditional suit.

Wool three-piece suit, $2,395, and shirt, $495, by Giorgio Armani. Tie, $230, by Tom Ford. Shoes, $475, by Emporio Armani. Watch by Blancpain.


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